Release 2.0.22

  • Materialization View Support: Register and manage your materialization views with Single Origin Platform.
  • Nested Query Support: By analyzing relationships between nested queries, Single Origin can find more potential optimizations.
  • Connector Flow Revamp: Connector flow has been revamped to smooth the onboarding experience.

Release 1.50.0

Version 1.50.0 was released on 2024-01-04. This release introduced functionality for Audit groups to compare original SQL with common SQL and Rewritten SQL, Updated landing page to provide more context about the instance and also added Insights card on landing page to provide overview of Insights, Implemented new data entity statistics designs to provide more personalized experience, Introduced New Navigation for our product.

Release 1.49.0

Version 1.49.0 was released on 2023-10-18. This release added actions on the insights page to audit query savings pattern and to import data entities.

Release 1.48.0

Version 1.48.0 was released on 2023-10-11. This release included updates to the insights page: sections for data entities and query savings patterns were added, as well as time series charts for various KPI.

Release 1.47.0

Version 1.47.0 was released on 2023-10-03. This release included updates to the dataset insights page.

Release 1.46.0

Version 1.46.0 was released on 2023-10-02. This release included updates to audit insights, dataset insights, and bringing in queries from query history tables.

Release 1.45.0

Version 1.45.0 was released on 2023-09-28. This release included minor updates and fixes, including optimizations for generating cost savings reports when connected to a BigQuery warehouse.

Release 1.44.0

Version 1.44.0 was released on 2023-09-21. This release included minor updates and fixes to improve query collections and cost savings plans.

Release 1.43.0

Version 1.43.0 was released on 2023-09-06. This release included additional insights for audits and audit groups.

Release 1.42.3

Version 1.42.3 was released on 2023-08-25. This release included UI updates.