Connecting to Your Data

Single Origin supports connections to the following data systems:



Currently, each customer can connect their account to one system at a time. In the future we will support multiple data systems per customer.

To connect to a system, Single Origin requires two types of connectors to be set up in Mission Control:

  1. An admin must set up a Single Origin Connector to collect schema metadata and support semantic management. This connector does not need to be able to query your data unless you would like Single Origin to perform automation like:
    1. create query collections based on your existing query history logs
    2. profile table statistics
    3. generate cost saving plans
  2. After an admin has set up a Single Origin Connector, each user must set up a Personal Connector to the same data system. This connector will execute queries on behalf of the user. It is personal to the user; no other user can see or use this connector.

The privileges required for each connector type are outlined below.

Connector TypeRequired PermissionsOptional Permissions
Single OriginQuery table schema metadataAbility to query data. This enables importing SQL queries from Query History tables and dataset profiling.

Ability to create tables. This enables automated cost saving plan generation.
PersonalAbility to access some (or all) tables in the data systemAbility to query data.