Data Lineage

Single Origin derives field-level lineage without additional user input by parsing every imported SQL query. Field-level lineage helps you visualize the granular relationships across fields (properties of views, data entities, and dimensions) and columns (properties of datasets).

You can find lineage for every entity in Single Origin by going into the Lineage tab:

Field-level Data Lineage


When navigating the lineage graph for an entity:

  • The main node in the lineage tab is fixed to the entity whose page you are on. For example, if you are on the details page for the metric count_distinct_session_id, then the main node is count_distinct_session_id. To use another entity as a main node, you will need to open the details page for that entity either by clicking on the entity's name in the lineage graph or searching for the entity in your catalog.
  • From your main node, you can use the + button(s) to go directly upstream (downstream) of that node. You can continue going upstream (downstream) by clicking + as new nodes appear.
  • To collapse nodes, you can click -.
  • If you are on a view or dataset node, you can click a chevron pointing down to expand the list of fields for the view or dataset. If you click on a particular field, then the lineage for that field will appear on the screen.
    • Note that data entities do not have fields, so there is no chevron on data entities. Given this, click on the data entity to display the field-level lineage.

You can see lineage in action in the following video:


  • Why is a field not appearing on the lineage graph? For example, when my main node is a data entity & I open the list of fields on the parent view, not all of the view's fields appear.
    • If a field has no connection to the main node, then it will not appear on the graph. For example, if a data entity does not reference field A of the parent view, then field Awill not appear on the view's dropdown when the main node is the data entity.


Learn More

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