Query Data


You can query the data entities defined in the Single Origin app or use the Single Origin API.

Single Origin app



To use this feature, the user must setup a personal connector with sufficient query privileges. See Connecting to Your Data.

You can query your data without writing any SQL. To build a query, you can select:

  • data entities (required)
  • dimensions to group by (optional)
  • filters to apply (optional)

Once you select these inputs, you can execute the query (and get results in a table) and generate the corresponding SQL.

Single Origin API

For more information on how to query data using our API, see our Consumption page.


  • If I change my "Data Entities" selection, my options for "Group Bys" change as well. Why?
    • It is possible to query multiple data entities from multiple views simultaneously; however, each view needs to have the same standardized dimensions defined.
    • If you add multiple data entities to your query, and the list of "Group Bys" is either very short (or if you see "No dimensions available"), then the underlying views might have few (or no) standardized dimensions in common.
  • If I query multiple data entities from multiple views simultaneously, then how are the views joinined together?
    • We join the views using any standardized dimensions chosen as "Group Bys"
    • The join logic is a FULL JOIN.