Manage Users

To add users, admins can send invites via email in the "Manage Users" section. To see how, check out the video below:


In Single Origin, there are three user roles: Admin, Builder and Consumer.


An Admin has permissions to manage other users, in addition to all functionality of a Builder. Only a few users should be Admins.

AddInvite users to join Single Origin
UpdateUpdate a user's information and role
DeactivateDisable a user's login - can be reactivated at any time


A Builder can define, review, and approve drafts of entities inside Single Origin. A Builder has the domain knowledge and obligation to ensure definitions are defined with the highest quality for the organization official use. Only a limited number of users should be Builders.


A Consumer can search and discover entities, in addition to defining and proposing new entities. The proposed entities will require an approval from a Builder before they are ready for official use. The majority of users should be Consumers.


For SSO integration, please reach out to our support team to set up: [email protected]